Set Yourself free

Stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and lost. Release yourself from the karmic pattern playing out in your life and get back to being YOU and start doing what you came here to do!

Align with the new you in your new world today.

How Samantha Jayne can help You

Through her unique healing and coaching based programmes, including her  Karmic Cleanse Therapy™,
 Samantha Jayne has helped so many people to live happier lives.

A large part of Samantha’s  work, is helping her clients move through the clearing process ready for ascension. She helps them to shift and clear the energies of the karmic energy and playouts that they came here to walk through.

Blessed with abilities that allow her to enter your world in this lifetime, past lifetimes, and future lifetimes, to shift the darkness that held your Ancestors back, that is buried deep within their souls and yours.

It also means she is able to tap into the real root of the cause of your anxiety or block so we can shift it fast. Healing the body, mind, and soul so that a re-alignment can occur. Her team of healing guides, can get you back on your way to being the real you. The YOU, you came here to be, not the you, you have become as a result of your life experiences.

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