Set Yourself free

Stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and lost. Release yourself from the karmic pattern playing out in your life and get back to being YOU.

How Samantha Jayne can help You

Through her unique Karmic Cleanse Therapy™ and her coaching programmes, Samantha Jayne has helped so many people to live happier lives.

Karmic Release Therapy ™

In this unique programme the patterns you are experiencing in your life are released to set you free.

Re-Alignment Therapy ™

Through this unique healing session you are re-aligned to your higher self, to a state of peace, back to your I am state.

Relationship Rehab ™

 I can work with you as a couple to come to understand where your thinking and behaviour is coming from? What your triggers are and why?

Join my positive tribe

Become part of my positive vibe tribe. A community of souls choosing to live well.